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Extreme body kits or Extreme Dimensions body kits, is one of the leaders in the after market parts field, using the patented Duraflex material which is a composite that is known for it’s great strength and flexibility. All Extreme Dimensions parts come with a shiny black gel coat finish and complete installation instructions and hardware. For anyone who wants to add outstanding style and performance to their vehicle, Extreme Dimensions is the best way to go.A body kit is just several after market parts that you can install on your car to improve it’s appearance and aerodynamics. Car body kits are also referred to as ground effect, spoiler kits, and bumper kits. These kits generally consist of parts to change the appearance of the front bumper, the back bumper as well as the front and back rocker panels. Many kits will have bumpers that will actually replace your existing factory bumpers, but some just have ‘add-on’ bumpers that simply attach to your existing factory bumpers.Of course you need to verify what each kit actually includes before you purchase it. And make sure that when you are comparing prices, compare apples to apples and make sure that each kit include the same pieces.Side skirts are included in most body kits and are attached to the rocker panels. These can give your car a lower, more aerodynamic and aggressive profile. These car kits can go a long way to personalizing the appearance of your car (as well as making it more fuel efficient in some cases). Depending on the manufacturer some kits and some parts will attach with adhesive while others will need to be pre-drilled and screwed in.If you are going to hire someone to install your body kit, make sure that they are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. If you don’t personally know someone who can do this, you may want to ask your friends or family for recommendations. This also isn’t the time to solely price shop, you don’t want to go with the cheapest place if they aren’t going to deliver the results you expect.Make sure that when you figure out your budget that you include some money for the shipping costs as well as installation costs. If your car is going to be tied up for a period of time you may even need to consider getting a rental car. If so, this cost should be factored in as well.When it comes to finding car body kits, you’ll have many choices in both materials they are made of, manufacturers as well as the exact parts that you want to have. And don’t forget, you don’t have to only add accessories to the outside of your car, but you can add appearance parts to the interior of your car as well. Extreme body kitshave been around for quite some time and have an excellent reputation, so when you’re looking at manufacturers, make sure to include them in your search online.

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Rome was not built in a day.Every perfect thing requires time. And, finding a perfect car requires a lot of time and patience because you have to find the right combination of beauty and technology. Won’t you feel irritated if lenders reject your car and all your hard work goes to waste?Why will Lenders reject your Car?If you want to buy your chosen car quickly, you must know about the kinds of cars that are rejected by lenders. It will help you in making a decision and ensure quick completion of the buying process.Extremely Cheap CarsToday, the car prices have become obnoxious because of rising inflation and increased government regulation. Finding a car that is within your budget can be a difficult task. But, if you manage to find an extremely cheap car, don’t think lenders will be happy. They will avoid financing because of the following reasons:1. Cheap cars are damaged or totaled.2. Usually, they are very old to function.Also, lenders make a profit from the interest amount that you pay. If they approve a cheap car, they will not be able to generate enough profit from the interest amount. So, they avoid financing an extremely cheap car.Extremely Old CarsOld cars demand regular repair and require frequent maintenance trips to the mechanic’s garage. If you buy an extremely old car, you will have to spend a large part of your income on repair. It will make regular monthly payments difficult and also, increase the risk of missed payments. So, lenders will not support your decision of buying an extremely old car.Remember that lenders do not provide financing for cars that are older than 8 years. They also prefer less than 100,000 miles on the odometer.Extremely Expensive CarLenders have to consider the risk factor while approving your loan application. If they approve an expensive car and you do not make regular payments, they may incur loss. So, they shy away from financing an extremely expensive car because they know that it is unwise to put all eggs in one basket.Antique CarsIf you are an antique collector and want to buy an antique car, you will face difficulty in acquiring it. Lenders do not fund an antique car because:1. It is challenging to find its accurate market value.2. In the event of repossession, it becomes difficult for lenders to sell it.Race CarsRacing is a risky sport and several cars are damaged during the racing events. If your race car is damaged and totaled, it will be very difficult for lenders to recover money from you. So, they do not approve such a high-risk asset.Next time, you go for buying a car; remember that lenders will not provide financing for every car under the sun. Make a smart choice so that you will be able to obtain quick loan approval.