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Travelling on long journeys with a car full of stuff is something that most families tend to dread. There is nothing worse than a person being cramped into the corner of a car for hours on end, with sleeping bags and even tents taking up valuable seating space. Not only is this extremely frustrating and uncomfortable, but it can cause pains in the back and neck, so is certainly not the ideal situation to be in.Many families find that their vehicles are plenty big enough for day to day life, popping to the shops, visiting their friends, or even weekends away, all seem to be a breeze. But then there is the task of a long distance journey and they realise that to fit all the people in the car as well as all the luggage, it is going to be a major squeeze. Luckily, there are a few solutions that can help this problem, such as roof boxes and roof racks.Roof racks are ideal for families that have several big items that can be strapped to the roof. This might include things as big as tents or maybe even bicycles. For families that have lots of small pieces of luggage however, roof boxes are much more ideal. They allow people to load up a car extremely quickly and leave all passengers with plenty of space, which ensures that they will not get uncomfortable on long journeys.Roof boxes are made from all different types of materials, but they all have the same purpose. Their purpose is to provide extra space in a vehicle and to protect their contents from the sun, wind, rain and snow. Generally they are made from plastic or fibre glass, although some are made from metal for extra protection.When purchasing roof boxes it is important to take into account the size that is required. Whilst they are great products, buying one that is too big is an unnecessary expense and it will also cause extra drag when driving, decreasing fuel economy of a vehicle.Putting items such as roof boxes on the roof is nothing new. People have been doing this for years, to extend the luggage capacity of their vehicles when they are going away for a long time, or even when they are travelling on long distances. Remember to compare different brands, materials and sizes to see which suits you the best.